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Full Dgital Control Ultrasonic Soldering Equipment Flux Free Soldering Copper Stick

Full Dgital Control Ultrasonic Soldering Equipment Flux Free Soldering Copper Stick

    • Full Dgital Control Ultrasonic Soldering Equipment Flux Free Soldering Copper Stick
    • Full Dgital Control Ultrasonic Soldering Equipment Flux Free Soldering Copper Stick
  • Full Dgital Control Ultrasonic Soldering Equipment Flux Free Soldering Copper Stick

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: HC-SONIC
    Model Number: HC-2010GL

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
    Price: negotiation
    Packaging Details: FOAM AND CARTON
    Delivery Time: 3DAYS
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
    Supply Ability: 200 SETS PER MONTH
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    Detailed Product Description
    Frequency: 20Khz Power: 2000w
    Type: Digital Generator Application: Metal Tinning
    Temperature Range: Ultrasonic Soldering Machine Horn: Alloy Steel

    Flux free Ultrasonic Soldering Equipment Soldering Copper Stick

    Ultrasonic Soldering Machine ( Dip Soldering Type ) offers highly solid and reliable soldering joints without flux.

    The Solbraze Ultrasonic Soldering System makes possible the dip tinning of a wide range of both metallic and non-metallic materials without the use of any flux.

    The ultrasonic soldering system consists of two main components; an ultrasonic probe and a generator. The design of the probe is such that it will resonate at a set ultrasonic frequency of around 20kHz which is transmitted to the solder bath via a transducer and ultrasonic probe, or sometimes referred to as an energy horn. This horn or probe enters through the side of the solder bath and is partially immersed in the solder. The generator will automatically adjust its output frequency to match the exact resonant frequency of the probe assembly. The generator also controls the amplitude of the ultrasonic vibration, and will give a maximum power output of 250W.

    The system is usually used with a solder bath which has an element rating of 700W and a capacity of approx. 10 kgs. There is a solder temperature light on the front of the generator which is not in use during operation without a solder bath.

    It is essential that the ultrasonic transducer remains cool, and because of this the transducer housing is fitted with a fan, and compressed air is supplied to the cooling collar on the probe. If the supplied system is used with small components heated by hot air, it is likely that the compressed air cooling will not be required.



    • Electronic Components Soldering (No Flux)
    • Magnet Wire (Al or Cu) Product Soldering Motor / Transformer / Inductor / Toroidal Coil
    • Soldering (No Flux)
    • Battery Electrode Soldering
    • Hard-to-solder material soldering (Aluminum, Nickel, Molybdenum, Glass, Ceramic, Nonferrous metals)



    Model No. HC-2010GL
    Ultrasonic Frequency 20 KHz ± 1 KHz
    Maximum Output 1000 Watt
    Temperature Range 200 ~ 400 °C
    Power Supply 220V ( Single Phase) / 50-60 Hz
    Horn alloy steel
    Generator Digital generator


    · Full Dgital Control

    · Ultrasonic Amplitude Adjustable : 10 ~ 100%

    · Auto Frequency Tuning : 20 kHz +/- 1 kHz

    · Programmable Welding Time and Energy (10 memories for welding condition)

    · Ultrasonic Load Meter Scale

    · Soldering prod Full Diucts manually

    · No Flux soldering


    Benefits and Applications

    Ultrasonic energy introduced into a dip solder pot eliminates the need for flux while enhancing many soldering processes. It also provides a means to bond solder to a number of materials including aluminum and glass that are difficult or impossible to solder using conventional soldering techniques. HC-sonic has perfected a technique for introducing ultrasonic energy into dip solder pots and is the exclusive manufacturer of this type of equipment in the world today.

    HC-SONIC' solder pots are activated by externally mounted transducers which allow large volume multi-part dipping. The systems' controls are adaptable to automated lines.

    Electronic Component Tinning and Soldering

    Component lead solderability is a major consideration when devices are to be incorporated into high reliability hardware such as that used by the military, human implants including pacemakers and defibrillators, and for aerospace applications. This is especially true in cases where the device, once installed, is not accessible for service. In these critical applications it is commonplace to "tin" component leads when they arrive at the assembly house and prior to going into storage. In some cases the component leads may again be "tinned" immediately prior to use. Ultrasonic tinning offers several advantages over conventional flux methods for high reliability lead tinning.


    20 kHz vibrations from the Ultrasonic Generator via a transducer attached to the horn are transmitted to the molten solder resulting in cavitation of the molten solder. The imploding cavitation bubbles have a scrubbing effect on any submerged work piece and mechanically remove oxides. The cleaned surface is immediately coated with the solder in which it is immersed. The process does not require the use of a flux which has immediate benefits in the elimination of the fluxing operation and the procedures and equipment associated not only with its application but also with storage, residue removal etc. The soldering temperature can often be lowered simply because it is not necessary to ensure activation of a flux and this in itself reduces dross formation. The absence of a flux and its surface tension reducing properties means that there is no "wicking" of solder in the ultrasonic soldering process. Whereas this can be a disadvantage under certain conditions it is advantageous in the tinning of stranded wires and connector pins. The transducer needs to be protected in terms of temperature and the horn is therefore supplied with an air cooling collar requiring connection to a compressed air supply, in addition to an integral cooling fan.


    Full Dgital Control Ultrasonic Soldering Equipment Flux Free Soldering Copper Stick

    Full Dgital Control Ultrasonic Soldering Equipment Flux Free Soldering Copper Stick



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