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High Frequency Ultrasonic Spray Coating System LED Light Emitting Layer Coating

High Frequency Ultrasonic Spray Coating System LED Light Emitting Layer Coating

    • High Frequency Ultrasonic Spray Coating System LED Light Emitting Layer Coating
    • High Frequency Ultrasonic Spray Coating System LED Light Emitting Layer Coating
  • High Frequency Ultrasonic Spray Coating System LED Light Emitting Layer Coating

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: HC-SONIC
    Model Number: HC-AT42

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
    Price: negotiation
    Packaging Details: FOAM AND CARTON
    Delivery Time: 5days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, paypal
    Supply Ability: 500 Set per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Generator: Digital Generator Name: Ultrasonic Atomizing
    Atomization Volume: 0.1~200 L/H Transducer: HC-sonic Designed
    Frequency: 42Khz Application: Ultrasonic Coating Systems For Fuel Cells

    High frequency Ultrasonic spray coating LED light-emitting layer Coating



    ltrasonic dispersion syringe pump – a liquid delivery solution:

    • Designed to break apart agglomerated particles and hold them evenly dispersed during coating processes
    • Mixes suspensions to near perfect homogenous blends in seconds and holds them evenly dispersed for several hours or more
    • Ultrasonic vibration intensity and duration user controllable
    • Requires only 5 -10 ml of liquid to operate, saving expensive catalyst suspensions



    Model HC-AN420
    Frequency 42Khz
    Atomization Volume 0.1~50L/H
    Average Particle Diameter of Fog 5~80um
    Power Consumption 0.001 Degrees/Kg
    Atomization Head Structure Horn
    Power 100 W
    The Application of Atomizing Media Ordinary water, a variety of liquid substances, chemical liquid,a variety of oil mucus, metal melt and so on



    Ultrasonic coating systems for fuel cells

    Ultrasonic nozzles are ideal for spraying the catalyst layer onto a wide range of fuel cell substrates, including PEMs, GDLs, electrodes, various electrolyte membranes, solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs), rods and buttons with ceramic slurries or catalyst suspensions containing carbon black ink or other conductive inks such as platinum, nickel, Ir or Ru.

    The uniform thin film coating achieved with ultrasonics retains the porosity of the electrode and does not impede the transport of reactants due to flooding of the electrode surface. Catalyst solutions will not clog the ultrasonic nozzle, allowing for precise coatings with controlled droplet sizes at ultra-low flow rates.

    The Ultrasonic Advantage

    • Non-clogging technology
    • Ability to optimize drop size with tight drop distribution
    • Deglomeration of particles in solution results in a more homogenous coating. Allows the ability to change coating morphology.


    How ultrasonic spray nozzles work.

    Research has shown that ultrasonic nozzles can be effectively used to manufacture Proton exchange membrane fuel cells. The inks typically used are a platinum-carbon suspension, wherein the platinum acts as a catalyst inside the cell. Traditional methods to apply the catalyst to the proton exchange membrane typically involve screen printing or doctor-blades. However, this method can have undesirable cell performance due to the tendency of the catalyst to form agglomerations resulting in non-uniform gas flow in the cell and prohibiting the catalyst from being fully exposed and running the risk that the solvent or carrier liquid may be absorbed into the membrane, both of which impeded proton exchange efficiency. When ultrasonic nozzles are used, the spray can be made to be as dry as necessary by the nature of the small and uniform droplet size, by varying the distance the droplets travel and by applying low heat to the substrate such that the droplets dry in the air before reaching the substrate. Process engineers have finer control over these types of variables as opposed to other technologies. Additionally, because the ultrasonic nozzle imparts energy to the suspension just prior to and during atomization, possible agglomerates in the suspension are broken up resulting in homogenous distribution of the catalyst, resulting in higher efficiency of the catalyst and in turn, the fuel cell.




    Catalyst or Electrolyte Coatings on Fuel Cell Materials using Ultrasonics
    De-agglomeration of large particles
    Controlling the drop size, which can affect the morphology and porosity of the catalyst layer (Maximize fuel to catalyst surface area contact)
    Very effective way of controlling thin film deposition, regardless of material
    Creates a very durable coating on membranes with excellent stiction
    Active catalyst surface area has shown to increase as much as 50% (directly correlates to a reduction in the quantity of catalyst necessary)

    Prior and after ultrasonic vibration.
    Material waste reduction
    Non-pressure spraying
    Minimal overspray
    High transfer efficiency




    Over 500 different ultrasonic nozzle configurations
    The soft spray produced often requires further shaping in order to meet the needs of an application, particularly where high precision of uniform deposition is required. Over 500 different ultrasonic nozzle configurations are available from HC-SONIC. To determine what system will best meet your needs, please contact Boel Nordic.


    Custom ultrasonic spray equipment solutions
    Our custom offerings complement our complete line of standard ultrasonic spray equipment, and they can incorporate features such as X-Y motion, conveying systems, substrate rotation, enclosures, a wide range of liquid delivery systems, and PLC integration. We need sample and your Specific requirements to customize a program for you .





    High Frequency Ultrasonic Spray Coating System LED Light Emitting Layer Coating

























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