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Rinco Ultrasonic Welding Converter C20-12 1421 20kHz High Output Amplitudes Rinco Ultrasonic Welding Converter C20-12 1421 20kHz High Output Amplitudes
Rinco Ultrasonic Welding Converter C20-12 1421 20kHz High Output Amplitudes Rinco Ultrasonic Welding Converter C20-12 1421 20kHz High Output Amplitudes

Rinco Ultrasonic Welding Converter C20-12 1421 20kHz High Output Amplitudes

Place of OriginChina
Model NumberRPS-B20K
Minimum Order Quantity5 sets
Packaging DetailsFoam+Carton
Delivery Time2days
Payment TermsT/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability200 Sets/month
Product Description
Product Details
Frequency 20Khz Diameter 50mm
Ceramic Chips 2chips Power 2000W
Model C20-12 Machine Rinco
High Light

ultrasonic piezoelectric transducer


ultrasonic oscillator

Product Description

Rinco Ultrasonic Welding Converter C20-12 1421 20kHz  





The Transducer

The transducer changes the applied ‘vibrating’ electrical signal into a mechanical vibration. This is achieved by use of a sintered ceramic PZT (lead-zirconate-titanate) material which produces a change in thickness when a change in electrical polarisation is applied. The change in thickness is very small, in the order of 1-3?m. To produce a movement large enough to be of use in the welding operation a number of discs of PZT are used in one converter. PZT materials are exceptionally efficient in converting electrical energy into mechanical vibration, typically more than 95%. This enables the heat increase in the converter to be kept to a minimum.

Early ultrasonic welding machines were developed using metals that exhibit a change in length with changes in polarisation. These types of materials are known as magnetostrictive. Due to their much lower efficiency in converting energy virtually all ultrasonic equipment now uses PZT materials.


All the transducers, we can customize depending on your requirement.

We develop multiple ultrasonic tools, such as:


  • Converters 20,30,35, 40 KhZ, built in special aluminium and titanium alloy;
  • Boosters 1/1 ,1/1.5, 1 /2,1/ 2.5 etc. available in alloys of aluminium and titanium;
  • Sonotrodes 20,30,35,40 KhZ, they can be made in titanium, aluminium and tempered steel.


RPS-SONIC specializes in ultrasonic technology and its related components for numerous industries. It offers a wide range of state-of-the-art, low maintenance welding machines assembled with high quality components and compliant with current ISO standards.

Contact our highly qualified technical department if you have any doubts regarding the proper machines for any practical request.



Piezo converter converts 20kHz electrical signal from ultrasonic welding device power supply into mechanical vibration. That is why converter is very essential part of ultrasonic welding.



Piezoelectric transducer technical information:

  • Operating frequency:
    • 20kHz
  • Model:
    • C20-12
  • Housing:
    • Open steel housing
  • Electrical connector:
    • Female coaxial cable connector Lemo ERA.2S
  • Air cooling:
    • Possible to add a connector which fits into a M5 threads. This connector can be connected into cooling air supply.
  • Max operating temperature:
    • 50°C, if used in warmer temperature or at constant use then converter requires air coolin.
  • Compatibility:
    • All Rinco ultrasonic generators (power supplies) which operate at 20kHz.
  • Ultrasonic booster amplifier connection:
    • M16x2 attachment
    • Branson 102, 101-135-066R, Branson 103 Branson 402 101-135-014Converter – transducer, ,
    • Branson 108, 108-006-883, Branson 802, 101-135-034, Branson 804, Branson 803 Converter – Transuducer
    • Branson 502, 101-135-032 , 502 short model125-135-086 Converter – Transducer
    • Branson 902, Branson 922 Converter – transducer
    • Branson J20, 101-135-059, converter – transducer
    • Branson 4TH Transducer – Converter
    • Branson 4TJ Transducer – Converter
    • Branson 4TP Transducer – Converter
    • Branson 4TR Transducer – Converter
    • All others on request.



  • Specifications:


    MODEL FREQUENCY(KHz) Ca(pf) Power(W) Machine
    402 19.6-20.0 7800-8500 450-900 BRANSON8400
    502 19.6-20.0 11500-12500 2000 BRANSON8800/5170
    CJ20 19.4-19.7 19000-21000 1100-4000 BRANSON2000 series
    CB35A15A 36.5-37.5 3300-4000 800 Rinco-35A15A
    CV231 38.3-39.0 3500-4500 900 40K Metal welding
    CV3510 36.2-37.0 3200-4000 800 Rinco-CV3510
    110-3122 19.6~20.0 12500-14000 2600

    Dukane heavy duty



Advanced know how in.

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  • Poreless, high-density piezoceramics
  • Mechanically very strong and stable.
  • High mechanical quality factor
  • Excellent electro-acoustic conversion efficiency
  • Minimal thermal dissipation and power losses
  • High output amplitudes

Rinco Ultrasonic Welding Converter C20-12 1421 20kHz High Output Amplitudes 0




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Our comprehensive range of ultrasonic products includes welding equipment, liquid processors, cutting equipment, sealing equipment, spray nozzles, power supplies, and more, catering to diverse application needs.

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