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500W Ultrasonic Welding Equipment 28Khz Spot Welding For Manure Belt Repair 500W Ultrasonic Welding Equipment 28Khz Spot Welding For Manure Belt Repair
500W Ultrasonic Welding Equipment 28Khz Spot Welding For Manure Belt Repair 500W Ultrasonic Welding Equipment 28Khz Spot Welding For Manure Belt Repair

500W Ultrasonic Welding Equipment 28Khz Spot Welding For Manure Belt Repair

Place of OriginChina
Model NumberRPS-W28-500
Minimum Order Quantity1SET
Packaging DetailsFOAM AND CARTON
Delivery Time3DYAS
Payment TermsT/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability200 SET PER MONTH
Product Description
Product Details
Name Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine Frequency 28Khz
Power 500W Install Type Hand-hold
Generator Digital
High Light

ultrasonic hand welder


ultrasonic welding gun

Product Description

28Khz spot welding ultrasonic welding equipment for Manure Belt Repair



Ultrasonic hand welder offers a low cost solution for parts where automation is not viable or production volumes are low. Application areas include spot-welding, staking of components, access to difficult weld areas and second operations/re-work.


The ultrasonic hand press offers a cost effective alternative to a standard pneumatic bench press. It is ideal for low volume production, offering an advantage over a hand held welder with its rigidly fixed welding head. The weld depth can be set giving consistent, repeatable results.

RPS-SONIC Ultrasonics, designs and manufactures Ultrasonic Spot Welder for Polypropylene Chicken Manure Belts For Poultry Farm Cages. In poultry sector, manure belts should be sticked to each other after repairing. The fastest and the most economical way is ultrasonic welding technology in terms of speed and occupational health. Thermoplastic parts can be welded by ultrasonic technology. Supporting by Industry 4.0 theory, ultrasonic welder designed by RPS-SONIC, lets mass production and automation. There will be no need to use any chemicals for sealing plastic parts to each other. Ultrasonic welding technology will be enough.

Several part sizes and models are available to meet ultrasonic welding and sealing project and application requirements.

RPS-SONIC Ultrasonics focuses supplying long-term operating Ultrasonic welding system without stopping the running Production. RPS-SONIC has ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 10002 System Certificates. RPS-SONIC products have CE Certification with all LVD test reports.




  • East take,east operate,easy install.
  • Welds by Time, Energy or Peak Power with settable +/- window limits!
  • Auto-tuning
  • Overload Protection to protect equipment
  • Power and Status Display
  • Short Circuit Protection



Item 20 28 35 40
Frequency 20Khz 28khz 35khz 40khz
Power 800w 600w 500w 300w
Horn tip diameter 12mm 10mm 8mm 8mm
Horn material Aluminum alloy&Steel & Titanium alloy
Generator Digital generator


Areas of use:

Automotive industry

Prototype/trials work

Conveyor belt repair

Re-work for automation

Fabric repairs and joining

Blister packs

Vac forming- component retaining

Equipment is mobile



Our hand-held thermoplastic welding tools meet two needs: welding of hard-to-reach areas and tamper-proof sealing of packaging.

In practically no time your production teams will be producing clean welds with our ultrasonic gun and pencil.

These tools are designed for ease of use, adaptability and flexibility to ensure clean and strong welds.
We have the solution to all your assembly needs.

We also have metal housing welding pencil, for welsing machine assembly.



Ultrasonic welding of plastics:

Plastics are typically engineered materials consisting of polymers. Polymers are shaped by polymerisation that may be a chemical action during which two or more molecules are combined to make a larger molecule. Polymers are often classified as either thermosets or thermoplastics. Thermosets aren’t appropriate for ultrasonic assembly because they degrade when subjected to intense heat. Thermoplastics on the opposite hand soften when heated and cool when hardened and are thus ideally fitted for ultrasonic assembly.



Materials for Ultrasonic Welding of Plastics:

Most of the thermoplastic materials can be ultrasonic weldable. Teflon with low coefficient of friction and high melting temperature is impossible to weld using this process.



For explosive materials, it is difficult to fill and being packed. Because explosive materials are sensitive to heat. If the welding method gives more heat to the package, it can burn or explode. Because of this reason, explosive and some chemical raw materials are being packaged by ultrasonic welding machines as cold sealing method. When the chemical are so sensitive to heat, the same process is still valid. Because heat can activate the chemical during hot welding so it is important to use cold welding and because of speed and easy to use, ultrasonic welding is preferred in explosive industry.

500W Ultrasonic Welding Equipment 28Khz Spot Welding For Manure Belt Repair 0





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