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Ultrasonic Machining Products / Ultrasonic Drilling Machine For Diamond Core Drilling Ultrasonic Machining Products / Ultrasonic Drilling Machine For Diamond Core Drilling
Ultrasonic Machining Products / Ultrasonic Drilling Machine For Diamond Core Drilling Ultrasonic Machining Products / Ultrasonic Drilling Machine For Diamond Core Drilling

Ultrasonic Machining Products / Ultrasonic Drilling Machine For Diamond Core Drilling

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name RPS-SONIC
Certification CE
Model Number RPS-M20
Minimum Order Quantity 1SET
Price negotiation
Packaging Details FOAM AND CARTON
Delivery Time 3DAYS
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, PAYPAL
Supply Ability 500 SETS PER MONTH
Product Description
Product Details
Name Ultrasonic Drilling Frequency 20Khz
Power 100w Type Hardness Material Drilling
Weight 0.7kg PL Transducer With Generator
High Light

ultrasonic milling


ultrasonic machining products

Product Description

20Khz low power Ultrasonic Drilling equipment for diamond core drilling






The Ultrasonic drilling is a drilling device that uses vibrations in order to hammer its bit through materials, as opposed to traditional drilling methods. The drill uses a piezoelectric actuator as its source of power, and utilizes a variety of 'horns' to vibrate, or hammer, its bit through the material. prototype of the drill was first released in April 2000, which weighed 1.5 lb. (.7 kg) and had the capacity to drill half-inch holes into granite using only 10 watts of power, whereas the modern household half-inch drill requires 750 watts. The USDC was originally designed to be able to drill through very rigid rock surfaces that would otherwise be damaged by a rotary drill, but has also shown potential usefulness to the field of medicine. It is the specific characteristics of the drill that make it ideal or practical for certain situations.


Ultrasonic drilling is a non-traditional, loose abrasive machining process.  In this the mirror image of a shaped tool can be created in hard, brittle materials.  Material removal is achieved by the direct and indirect hammering of abrasive particles against a workpiece.
By concentrating ultrasonic energy through a machines, tapered solid metal horn to a stainless steel tube (drill) which vibrates, in an abrasive medium, the ultrasonic drill penetrates hard materials with extraordinary ease and rapidity. For example by using as 1mm tube, it will drill through a piece of agate 5mm thick in approximately one minute. All types of gemstone material may be drilled with the Model ultrasonic drilling as well as glass and ceramic materials. The ultrasonic drilling minimizes the concern one experiences drilling fragile and precious material. The machine consists of two components, the amplifier which generates the power for drilling and a transducer head which converts electrical into mechanical energy. The workpiece is hand held without harm to the operator


How it works

The ultrasonic drilling is driven by a Piezoelectric stack actuator that creates the vibrations. The actuator vibrates at an extremely high frequency, making it ultrasonic, and it is these waves of vibration that are transmitted by the horn of the actuator all the way to the bit itself. The vibrations are created at the actuator and are transferred by the horn to a free mass. The free mass vibrates between the drill stem and the horn of the actuator to transmit the vibrations down the drill stem. The drill stem houses the drill bit, and the vibrations push the bit into the material. The repetitive impact on the drill stem by the free mass, creates stress pulses that transmit to the tip of the bit and into the rock. Ultimately, the repetitive strike of the bit produces enough strain on the surface to fracture it.



Frequency 20Khz
Power  100W
Amplitude 1-5um
Dameter 40MM





When drilling brittle and hard materials such as glass or ceramics, they will often overheat and fracture due to stresses associated with ordinary rotational drilling or laser cutting methods. Substrates, windows and wafers of all types may be ultrasonically drilled including glass, ceramics, quartz, 96% and 99.6% Alumina, and Aluminum Nitride. The smooth, controlled cutting action of a lubricated ultrasonic rotary drill plus a water coolant reduces diamond tool binding. This enables faster, more efficient cutting using lighter tool pressure than with conventional machining. The lighter tool pressure simplifies drilling small diameter holes, long and deep holes, and adjacent holes close together all producing superior results. Less friction also reduces the stress imposed on the material caused by conventional diamond tool machining.

Other drilling services are also available from Valley Design including conventional diamond drilling and diamond core drilling.
Sapphire, Glass, Fused Silica, Quartz, Silicon, Ceramics, AlN, 96% and 99.6% Alumina and others can be drilled, lapped, polished and shaped.


Ultrasonic Machining Products / Ultrasonic Drilling Machine For Diamond Core Drilling 0









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