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The advantagesof ultrasonic cutting knife for food cutting

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Latest company news about The advantagesof ultrasonic cutting knife for food cutting

 The advantagesof ultrasonic cutting knife for food cutting


The development of ultrasonic technology has also made it possible to use ultrasonic waves to cut products. Ultrasonic cutting technology has been continuously developed and perfected, and it has now been used in cutting food, rubber, fabrics and other industrial products. Ultrasonic cutters can vibrate their blades 20,000-40,000 times per second (20-40 kHz). Due to this high frequency vibration, the ultrasonic cutter can easily cut food. The application of ultrasonic cutting food is currently widely used in the processing of bread, cake, cheese and other food.


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Cutting principle

Ultrasonic cutting is the use of high-frequency vibration of ultrasonic waves for food cutting, which is called a vibrating blade to a certain extent rather than a static blade in the traditional sense. The high-frequency ultrasonic vibration provides a frictionless cutting surface, which not only keeps the blade clean, but also reduces the number of production downtimes and improves the efficiency of food processing. At the same time, the ultrasonic high-frequency vibration can also locally heat the cut part of the food, which can largely avoid the unevenness of the edge and the looseness of the food tissue.


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Ultrasonic Food Cutting System

Generator: It can convert AC voltage into high-frequency electrical energy, so as to provide the required energy for the transducer.
Transducer: A sealed electromechanical device that receives electrical energy from a power source and converts it into high-frequency mechanical vibrations.
Horn: Located between the transducer and the cutting tool head, it can enlarge or reduce the amplitude (range of motion) of the tool head.
Tool head: Each tool head is customized for a specific application, and different tool heads are selected for cutting according to the application.
Integrated equipment: The ultrasonic cutter can be used alone or installed in an integrated equipment.


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Not enough traditional cuts

Although the traditional mechanical cutting method is less expensive, there are many limitations in cutting food. For example, using traditional knives for cake cutting, due to the soft characteristics of the cake, during the cutting process, problems such as deformation and breakage of the cake are prone to occur, which destroys the beauty of the cake and causes waste. Although the emergence of cake cutting machines has greatly improved the cutting efficiency of cakes, the problems of uneven cutting edges and easy breakage still exist. Moreover, the automatic cake cutting only uses a stainless steel cutting blade, and some cream cakes have a large stickiness, so the blades often stick together, which will also affect the overall work efficiency. Similar problems occur with foods such as bread and cheese that are similar to cakes.


Advantages of ultrasonic cutting

Efficient cutting

Ultrasonic cutting technology is quite different from general cutting. On the basis of ensuring accurate cutting, it will not cause damage to the cut product and preserve the integrity of the cut object to the greatest extent. The ultrasonic cutting knife is carried out by a four-axis drive system with precise and fast servo drives, the whole system can speed up the progress of cutting, while making the ultrasonic cutting machine consume less energy. Incorporating ultrasonic cutting machine use into industrial processes maximizes time savings, increases productivity, and increases productivity.

low environmental impact

The ultrasonic cutter will only generate a small amount of noise during the cutting process, no other equipment is needed for anti-noise treatment, and it will not cause harm to the human body. Ultrasonic cutters do not negatively impact the ecosystem. Its use is not considered hazardous in industrial environments. Cutting and ultrasonic welding is a reliable technique that respects the environment.

clean and hygienic

Food hygiene is of the utmost importance when it comes to food cutting. The process of implementing ultrasonic food cutting is subject to strict hygienic conditions to reduce the risk of food contamination. At the same time, due to the low-friction characteristics of the ultrasonic cutting blade, there is little sticking when cutting food, keeping the blade clean and reducing cleaning costs.

keep the edges flat

Ultrasonic cutting will locally heat the cutting surface of the food during the cutting process, which will fuse the cutting part, so the cutting surface of the food can be perfectly edge-sealed, and the internal structure of the food can be avoided while maintaining the beauty.

Precise cutting at any angle

Compared to traditional knife cutting, the quality of the cut that can be obtained with an ultrasonic cutter is much better. Ultrasonic cutting machines are extremely precise and can better meet various cutting constraints in industrial environments. Ultrasonic cutters are small in size, convenient and flexible, and can be used in conjunction with robotic arms and automated equipment. Through the combination with the robotic arm or automated equipment, the purpose of cutting food at any angle can be achieved, and the ideal food shape can be obtained to the greatest extent.


Scope of application

Ultrasonic cutting knives can easily achieve precise cutting of food such as bread, cakes, cheese, frozen food and more. In addition, the ultrasonic food cutter can also cut items containing vegetables, meat, nuts, etc., or foods containing ingredients such as fat, sugar, cream, and chocolate, and the internal products will not be deformed or displaced. Ultrasonic cutting technology can easily pass through multiple layers of food without causing food deformation, thereby improving cutting quality and consistency.


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