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Explore the limitless potential of ultrasonic technology

From welding to liquid processing, cutting to sealing, ultrasonic technology plays a vital role across industries. Dive deep into the working principles, advantages, and application cases of ultrasonic technology through our Blog. Join us in exploring this exciting technology and unlocking new opportunities and achievements for your business.

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  • Plastic Ultrasonic Welding Process


    In modern industry, we can see ultrasonic welding machines everywhere. For example: product packaging, cutting, riveting, embossing, punching and other industries all need ultrasonic welding machines, so there are all kinds of ultrasonic welding with various functions. The application fields are ... Read More
  • Operation knowledge of ultrasonic plastic welding machine


    Because many new companies have been born in the market due to the epidemic in recent years to sell ultrasonic plastic welding equipment, but there are no good solutions to the common problems of ultrasonic operations. Therefore, the editor is commissioned by experts engaged in the field of ... Read More
  • What is ultrasonic spot welding machine


    The handheld ultrasonic spot welding gun adopts ultrasonic plastic welding technology, which converts high-frequency electrical energy into mechanical vibration energy through an ultrasonic transducer, and then transmits the mechanical vibration energy to the welding head after changing the ... Read More
  • What is an ultrasonic sewing machine?


    The traditional sewing machine sews two pieces of cloth together by driving the thread through the needle. In the process of threading the needle, not only the cloth is punctured but also there is no bond between the cloth and the cloth, but they are tied together by a thin thread. In this way, the ... Read More
  • Ultrasonic emulsifying device for biodiesel processing


    Ultrasonic emulsification is a process in which two or more immiscible liquids are mixed together under the action of ultrasonic energy, and one of the liquids is uniformly dispersed in the other to form an emulsion liquid. Ultrasonic emulsification is an application of ultrasonic technology in ... Read More
  • Ultrasonic processor of Oil-Water Emulsions


    Stable oil-in-water emulsions are very difficult to separate and represent one of the most difficult problems encountered in petroleum production. The viscosity of the emulsion is much higher than that of the separated phase, which is the reason for high wellbore pressure drop and low oil recovery. ... Read More
  • Ultrasonic aging device for alcoholic beverages


    Ultrasonic aging device for alcoholic beverages Principles of Ultrasound Acceleration In chemistry, "acoustic cavitation" refers to the formation, growth and implosion of tiny bubbles. Cavitation bubbles consist of compression-expansion cycles that cause positive pressure in the liquid to push ... Read More
  • Can you use oil for ultrasonic cavitation?


    Emulsifying by Ultrasonic Cavitation A wide range of intermediate and consumer products, such as cosmetics and skin lotions, pharmaceutical ointments, varnishes, paints and lubricants and fuels are based wholly or in part of emulsions. Hielscher manufactures the world’s largest industrial ultrasonic ... Read More
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