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Rigorous Quality Control for Superior Ultrasonic Products

Process Documentation

At RPS-SONIC, we prioritize transparency and traceability in our manufacturing processes.

We maintain comprehensive process documentation, including detailed standard operating procedures (SOPs) and work instructions. These documents outline each step of the production process, ensuring consistency and enabling effective quality control. By following these documented procedures, we uphold the highest standards of manufacturing excellence and provide our customers with products of the utmost quality.

Rigorous Quality Control for Superior Products

At RPS-SONIC, we prioritize quality control throughout every step of our manufacturing process. Our dedicated quality control team ensures that each product undergoes thorough inspections and tests to meet the highest standards of excellence. From raw material selection to final product delivery, we implement stringent quality control measures to guarantee the reliability, durability, and performance of our ultrasonic solutions. With a commitment to continuous improvement, we strive to exceed customer expectations and deliver products that consistently meet and exceed industry standards.


Each ultrasonic vibrator you get from RPS-SONIC have been tested 5 times.
QC system——Before Production

Raw Materials

To ensure control over raw materials, we exclusively use high-quality titanium alloys, aluminum alloys, and steel. We partner with Kunshan Risheng Electronic Co., Ltd., the largest domestic supplier of ceramic chips and our sole cooperative manufacturer of ceramic chips.


Our ultrasonic technicians, with over ten years of experience in the ultrasonic field, oversee the design process. Additionally, each product undergoes FEA modal analysis.
QC system——After Production

Testing with Impedance Analyzer

We utilize an impedance analyzer to ensure that the parameters of each product are accurately measured and recorded in our system. This allows our customers to easily access and verify their specific parameters through our company.

Tuning on the Machine

We conduct thorough testing by integrating our ultrasonic generator, transducer, booster, and horn with the welding machine. This step ensures that there are no tuning issues and guarantees optimal performance.

Endurance Test

Prior to shipment, we subject every machine to a rigorous 24-hour continuous operation test. This test confirms the reliability and durability of our products.

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