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Ultrasonic aging device for alcoholic beverages

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Latest company news about Ultrasonic aging device for alcoholic beverages

Ultrasonic aging device for alcoholic beverages


Principles of Ultrasound Acceleration


In chemistry, "acoustic cavitation" refers to the formation, growth and implosion of tiny bubbles. Cavitation bubbles consist of compression-expansion cycles that cause positive pressure in the liquid to push molecules together. Conversely, expansion cycles cause The negative pressure pulls the molecules away from each other, and once the bubbles grow very rapidly, until they can't absorb the energy in the ultrasound. In this case, the liquid will rush in and the bubble will burst. The whole process destroys the attraction of molecules in the liquid phase. Sound waves can help extract chemicals from plant tissue. Ultrasound is a pressure wave that causes tissue to rupture, releasing bioactive compounds stored within cells at a higher rate.

Cavitation bubbles burst quickly, and these tiny bubbles formed during ultrasonication raise the temperature of the liquid surrounding the cavity and create localized hot spots. However, the area is so small that the heat dissipates quickly. On the other hand, very high pressures, ie about 1000 atmospheres, are generated during bubble collapse. Instantaneous high temperature and high pressure can destroy stable structures such as cell walls and molecular bonds, resulting in a series of physical and chemical effects.


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Effect on grapes

Different effects of ultrasound in wine processing Power ultrasound applied to wine provides many beneficial effects. The most important applications include enhancing the flavor of wine by extracting flavor-rich components such as phenols and aromatics, oak barrel aging, and accelerated maturation and aging. Extraction of aromatic and phenolic compounds from grapes The mechanical activity of ultrasound supports solvent diffusion into tissue. When ultrasound mechanically disrupts the cell wall through cavitational shear forces, it facilitates transfer from the cell to the solvent. Reducing particle size by ultrasonic cavitation increases the contact surface area between the solid and liquid phases. Grapes are known for being rich in polyphenols and are in high demand. These phenolic compounds of grapes (such as monomeric flavanols, dimeric, trimeric and polymeric proanthocyanidins, and phenolic acids) are known for their anti-radical and antioxidant properties. Chemically, they can be divided into two subcategories: flavonoids and non-flavonoids. The most important flavonoids in wine are anthocyanins and tannins, which contribute to color, flavor and mouthfeel. Non-flavonoids include stilbene compounds such as resveratrol and acidic compounds such as benzoic acid, caffeic acid and cinnamic acid. Most of these phenolic compounds are contained in grape skins and seeds. Intense ultrasonic force can effectively extract valuable components from grape seeds and grape skins.


Ultrasound effect on container
Ultrasonic-assisted extraction for wine oak barrels
Contact with wood (traditional oak barrels) or added sawdust, sticks/staves or oak dust (alternative oak barrels). According to the program's terminology, the most common wood used for oak (flavor) is oak (oak). Other wood types that are rarely used are, eg. Chestnut, pine, rosewood, cherry or acacia. The chemical properties of wood are used to have a profound effect on the flavor and aroma of wine. The phenols contained in oak interact with the flavors produced by the wine, such as vanilla, caramel, cream, spice or earthy flavors. Ellagic tannins (hydrolyzable tannins) have a very important role and are derived from the lignin structure in wood, as they protect the wine from oxidation and reduction. Ultrasonic extraction is useful for the barrel stage of wine because the circulation of high and low pressures created by ultrasound enhances the penetration of liquids into the wood structure of powders, chips, slivers, or slats. This requires shorter oak barrel aging times and higher flavour results as mass transfer will be significantly increased as a result. If oak flour or wood-flavored distillates (instead of oak barrels) are added to wine, ultrasonic forces can disperse particles or droplets very finely into the wine to improve surface wetting and exposure. This is very important for obtaining high taste and mouthfeel and helps to improve the quality of alcoholic beverages. The fact that barreling and aging is an extended time and cost factor in the brewing process makes ultrasonics a very interesting processing method.


For additive action
The wine becomes a homogeneous liquid with an extended shelf life within a very short processing time. Homogeneity allows higher interactions between molecules and thus more complete molecular changes. This means improved taste and quality. Dispersion: Before bottling, most wines are treated with additives such as preservatives (e.g. potassium bisulfate, sodium bisulfate), cleaning agents, coloring powders, and further fining and improving agents. These additives are used to avoid premature browning and spoilage, improve wine quality, eliminate defects or support the fermentation process. With ultrasonic treatment, these additives can be dispersed very consistently into the wine, resulting in higher processing results. Local high temperature (close to 5000 degrees Celsius) and high pressure (above 50 MPa) generated by ultrasonic cavitation. Microcavitating bubbles (approximately 1 µm in diameter) act uniformly throughout the fluid (Pascal's Law) and can penetrate deep into the pores. Cavitation generated by high-power ultrasound inhibits a large number of pathogenic microorganisms.




1.Red wine, brandy and other fruit wines to promote aging

2.Vinegar flavoring agent

3.Salted duck eggs and other pickled products to accelerate aging

4.Liquor and other grain wines to promote aging

5.Extraction of effective substances from various medicinal wines


Advantages of Ultrasound Acceleration


Save time
The cell wall-breaking function of ultrasound enables the flavone, anthocyanin, tannin, resveratrol and other aromatic components in grapes to be quickly and effectively released. Produces a spirit similar to brandy aged for many years, reducing the time required for aging.


increase the taste
In addition to the effective aromatic substances in the grapes, the ultrasonic wave completely extracts the aromatic components contained in the oak chips, chestnut trees, and durable oak, and transfers them to the wine. This process takes a few minutes and the product obtained is very stable in time. Greatly improved the taste of the wine.


Equipment recommendation


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