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What is ultrasonic spot welding machine

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Latest company news about What is ultrasonic spot welding machine

The handheld ultrasonic spot welding gun adopts ultrasonic plastic welding technology, which converts high-frequency electrical energy into mechanical vibration energy through an ultrasonic transducer, and then transmits the mechanical vibration energy to the welding head after changing the amplitude through the amplitude modulation device. When the welding head is close to the surface of the processed product, the ultrasonic wave is automatically generated, and the micro-amplitude high-frequency vibration is made on the surface of the processed product, and the friction with the surface of the processed product is converted into heat, which melts the processed product and then welds it. The welding operation is relatively more perfect for welding, and welding with different effects can be obtained by changing the welding head.


Welding Features


1.It adopts straight handle or pistol design, which is more convenient to operate.
2.The welding effect is controlled manually, and the operation is convenient without the use of cylinder pressure.
3.Using piezoelectric ceramic transducers, the output is stable and strong.
4.With automatic compensation circuit, the power can be adjusted freely to achieve consistent spot welding effect.


Application range


It is mainly used in two areas: home appliances and automotive interior decoration. For the welding of large products, a professional ultrasonic welding machine is required.

Specifically include: car door panels, car sound insulation panels, car interior parts, car sound insulation cotton, TV casings, computer casings, electrical plastic trims, etc. Detailed processes and materials: suitable for ABS, PP, PE, PC, PUC, PMMA, PS, PPS, PBT, PETG and other plastic spot welding, pressure welding, riveting welding and chain welding processes.

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