Ultrasonic spraying equipment for blood collection tube spraying

October 20, 2022
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Ultrasonic atomizer/Ultrasonic nebulizer


Ultrasonic atomizing nozzles have long been recognized as an important choice for creating internal coatings for blood collection tubes and syringe barrels. The ultrasonic spray system can evenly apply clot activators and anticoagulants, including heparin, EDTA, silicon dioxide and acid citrate dextrose, to the inside of the blood collection tube. Ultrasonic nozzles are also capable of spraying the drug onto the desired area of the blood collection tube or syringe barrel, rather than coating the entire tube.


The particularity of medical equipment also requires higher precision for the spraying effect of its equipment. Ultrasonic atomization equipment can precisely control spraying parameters such as fluid speed, air speed and vibration frequency, so it can play a greater role in medical equipment spraying. In addition, since the vacuum blood collection tube is mainly used in the medical and health industry, there are also great requirements for the cleanliness of the spraying system. Ultrasonic spraying equipment can meet its hygienic requirements.



Ultrasonic spray system

The ultrasonic spraying equipment has self-cleaning properties, which can avoid contamination of the inner wall of the blood collection tube during the spraying process, and can also avoid the contamination of the nozzle itself, and can be used for spraying in a cycle. The ultrasonic spraying system can program parameters such as spraying quantity, distance, thickness, etc., so as to ensure the accuracy of spraying effect. Ultrasonic spraying equipment can save raw materials, and the utilization rate of raw materials is as high as 85%. Industrial ultrasonic atomizers can be easily retrofitted into existing production lines for efficient spraying with consistent quality output.

As an industry-proven technology, ultrasonic spraying has been successfully applied to high-performance thin-film coating lines in the manufacturing of precision electronic products such as semiconductors, precision devices, nanotechnology applications, fuel cells, and solar cells. During ultrasonic spraying, droplet size and distribution can be precisely controlled, resulting in particles with high surface area.

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Probe Type Series Nozzle 

Vacuum blood collection tubes and syringes are slender and closed tubular structures with only one inlet and outlet. Therefore, when spraying them, an extended atomizing nozzle is required to process and spray them. Therefore, the probe-type ultrasonic nozzle can be used for spraying the blood collection tube.

The ultrasonic spraying system can combine multiple probe nozzles at the same time to spray the blood collection tube. This increases spray efficiency and saves spray time. Since ultrasonic nozzles are generally used for low-speed spraying, the possibility of overspray or material splashing during spraying can be avoided, which can effectively save the cost of spraying materials. The nozzles are made from very high strength titanium alloys and other proprietary metals, which give them excellent chemical resistance and provide excellent acoustic properties. In addition, the nozzles are available in different tip configurations and in different lengths, depending on the diameter and length of the tubing.

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