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Powerful Ultrasonic Dispersion Equipment Dispersing For Activated Charcoal Powerful Ultrasonic Dispersion Equipment Dispersing For Activated Charcoal
Powerful Ultrasonic Dispersion Equipment Dispersing For Activated Charcoal Powerful Ultrasonic Dispersion Equipment Dispersing For Activated Charcoal

Powerful Ultrasonic Dispersion Equipment Dispersing For Activated Charcoal

Place of OriginChina
Model NumberRPS-S20-2000
Minimum Order Quantity1set
Packaging DetailsFoam And Wood Box
Delivery Time3days
Payment TermsT/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability200 sets per month
Product Description
Product Details
Frequency 20Khz Power 2000W
Weight 14Kg Horn Titanium Alloy
Speed <300L/HOUR Generator Digital
High Light

ultrasonic probe sonicator


ultrasonic dispersion equipment

Product Description

Powerful Ultrasonic Dispersion Equipment Dispersing of Activated Charcoal



RPS-Sonics manufactures the most technologically advanced and reliable ultrasonic processors in the industry for applications such as: dispersion of nanoparticles, nanotubes and Graphene; cell lysing and cell disruption; sample prep; ChIP assay; homogenization; extraction; atomization; and more.The mechanism of the ultrasonic dispersing equipment from ultrasonic cavitation effect. Ultrasonic cavitation is refers to the tiny air bubbles in the liquid formation, growth, collapse and cause of physical and chemical effect. In the process of the collapse of the bubble can release enormous energy, micro jet speed as high as 110 MPS, has strong impact. Cavitation bubbles at the instant of the explosion can produce up to 5000 k or even 10000 k more than more than 100 mpa and local high temperature and high pressure environment, the heating and cooling rate of more than 1010 KPS. These extreme conditions to make coating molecular bond rupture is reunited, promote the dispersing rate of reaction of coating, coating grain size control and distribution.


Ultrasonic Preparation of Nanoscale Devices

• Particle size uniformity, strong dispersion, crystal type control, simple preparation, high yield
• Ultrasound nano-fabrication of monodisperse, well-defined nanoparticles and reduced energy consumption
• Ultrasonic nanoprocessing is easier to achieve mesoscopic mixing than conventional mixing techniques, eliminating local concentration variations, increasing reaction rates, stimulating the formation of new phases, inhibiting reunion

Item Frequence Max power Handing capacity Material
RPS20-S2000 20K±1KHz 2000W ≤ 300 L/h Titanium Sonotrode
RPS28-S200 28K±1KHz 200W ≤ 200 L/h
RPS28-S400 28K±1KHz 400W ≤ 300 L/h
RPS28-S500 28K±1KHz 500W ≤ 300 L/h
RPS28-S600 28K±1KHz 600W ≤ 400 L/h
RPS28-S800 28K±1KHz 800W ≤ 500 L/h
RPS30-S100 30K±1KHz 100W ≤ 200 L/h
RPS30-S200 30K±1KHz 200W ≤ 200 L/h
RPS30-S250 30K±1KHz 250W ≤ 200 L/h
RPS30-S400 30K±1KHz 400W ≤ 300 L/h
RPS30-S500 30K±1KHz 500W ≤ 300 L/h
RPS35-S150 35K±1KHz 150W ≤ 200 L/h
RPS40-S100 40K±1KHz 100W ≤ 200 L/h
RPS40-S50 40K±1KHz 50W ≤ 100 L/h




Activated charcoal and medicinal charcoal is a fine-grained, porous material with a sponge-like structure. The small, low-volume pores increase the surface area available for adsorption or chemical reactions. Due to this sponge structure, charcoal particles are highly adsorbent and can bind unwanted substances (e.g. oils, dirt, talc, toxins) effectively. Its adsorbing function turns activated carbon into a very effective cleansing substance which is used in pharma and medical products, cosmetics, food and industrial adsorbents. A finer dispersed active carbon offers higher chemical reactiveness and can be used in smaller amounts. This means that a narrow particle size distribution can provide significant operating benefits. Sonication is the ideal method for a fine-size dispersion of active charcoal.

The new digital ultrasonicator is a powerful ultrasound processor for liquid treatments on bench-top and industrial scale. Common applications include homogenization, emulsification, dispersing & particle fine milling, lysis & extraction, dissolving vagy sonochemical reactions such as sono-synthesis and sono-catalysis. Touch display, browser remote control, automatic data recording. High Power and Full Process Control Powerful sonication is the process solution for manifold liquid processing applications, such as emulsifying, dispersing, milling vagy dissolving. The equipment provides intense ultrasound waves to fulfill demanding tasks without problems. To ensure a consistent process quality, not only the power delivered is essential, the control and monitoring of all important process parameters is key. The new generation of hdT ultrasonicators enables the operator to pilot the ultrasonic device via touch display or browser remote control.


• Dispersion
• Cell disruption
• Sample prep
• Homogenization
• Emulsification
• Nanoparticle dispersion
• Atomization
• Graphene dispersion





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