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Portable TRZ Ultrasonic Horn Analyzer , Ultrasonic Analyser For Components / Equipment Portable TRZ Ultrasonic Horn Analyzer , Ultrasonic Analyser For Components / Equipment
Portable TRZ Ultrasonic Horn Analyzer , Ultrasonic Analyser For Components / Equipment Portable TRZ Ultrasonic Horn Analyzer , Ultrasonic Analyser For Components / Equipment

Portable TRZ Ultrasonic Horn Analyzer , Ultrasonic Analyser For Components / Equipment

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name RPS-SONIC
Certification CE
Model Number RPS-T520
Minimum Order Quantity 1SET
Price negotiation
Packaging Details FOAM AND CARTON
Delivery Time 3DAYS
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, PAYPAL,
Supply Ability 500 SETS PER MONTH
Product Description
Product Details
Name Ultrasonic Analyzer Test Precision < 0.1%
Frequency Precision ±10ppm Phase Resolution 0.15
Suitable Sub Transducer/ Horn/booster/generator Power 30W
High Light

ultrasonic analyzer


ultrasonic analyser

Product Description

Ultrasonic Analyzer For Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Components And Equipment



Ultrasonic Analyzer PV520A used for piezoelectric ultrasonic components and equipment for a comprehensive solution.

TRZ Analyzer is the key instrument for effective manufacturing, quality control and maintenance of power ultrasonic transducers, converters, boosters, horns and acoustic stacks.

Impedance analyzer is adopted to help the company make much profit,

1) Obviously improving product quality. Because the graphics of impedance analyzer finds out whether there is unobvious bug inside ultrasonic devices, it can be applied in testing Corp's materials and instructing the production.

2) Rapid measurement speed can reduce human capital tremendously if needful to measure a lot of devices.

3) The instrument which can easily replace much more complex and more complicated, also many times more expensive instruments from Agilent/HP, as for instance: HP Impedance Gain-Phase Analyzer 4294A, Agilent E5100A, Network Analyzer, HP 3563A,Control System Analyzer etc. It is also very easy to use HS70A-80A (by engineers or ordinary production workers).


1. Size: 24cm*14cm*(front 5cm/behind 10cm),Weight 1.95kg, easy for taking.

2. Large touch screen, without physical buttons, graphic displayed all parameters and, more intuitive.

3. Fast test speed, test 2000point only need 10 seconds.

4. Connect the computer available.

5. The biggest test frequency up to 5 MHZ.

6. Warranty period: 2year.


Power ultrasonic stacks convert electrical energy into vibration. To Understand its operation principles we can compare the ultrasonic stack With an automobile . The converter performs the energy conversion as the engine; the Transformer adjusts the ratio between force and speed as the gearbox;And finally, the horn directs and applies the energy as the wheels do. In the automobile, all the mechanical parts must match Other in order to improve the energy transmission efficiency as much as Possible. The same occurs with ultrasonic systems where the key matching Parameters are the frequency and parts coupling.



Portable TRZ Ultrasonic Horn Analyzer , Ultrasonic Analyser For Components / Equipment 0




For ultrasonic measurement, the key point is Admittance circle diagram and logarithmic graph, this two graph can Judge the ultrasonic good or bad. And also will have tens test data as reference:resonance frequency (Fs),conductance in max(Gmax),band width(F2-F1),anti-resonance frequency(Fp),quality factor (Qm),Free capacitance(CT),dynamic resistance(R1),dynamic inductance(L1),dynamic capacity(C1),direct capacitance(C0),effective electromechanical coupling (keff).


Ultrasonic Analyzer PV520A suit for all ultrasonic components and equipment,like: Piezoelectric ceramic, transducer, ultrasonic cleaning machines, ultrasonic plastic welding machine, acoustic and magnetostrictive materials, ultrasonic grinding mill, ultrasonic atomizer, ultrasonic teeth cleaning and reversing radar, ultrasonic distance measurement, ultrasonic emulsification, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic motors, and other all use of piezoelectric and ultrasonic components and equipment.



Item Performance T520A-s
Product advantage portable,Large touch screen
Size Length:24cm,width:19cm,front height:5cm,behind height:10cm
Frequency range 1KHz~1MHz
Test item Admittance circle diagram and logarithmic graph and other tens data
Test precision < 0.1%
Test speed 5second
Frequency precision ±10ppm
Phase resolution 0.15
Work temperature 10~40 degree centigrade
Impedance range 1Ω~1MΩ
Stepped frequency 0.1Hz~any
power AC100V~AC250V,50~60Hz, 30W
Usage All Ultrasonic Components And Equipment




                        Portable TRZ Ultrasonic Horn Analyzer , Ultrasonic Analyser For Components / Equipment 1








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