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Easy Take Ultrasonic High Power Generator For Welding / Cutting / Sealing Easy Take Ultrasonic High Power Generator For Welding / Cutting / Sealing
Easy Take Ultrasonic High Power Generator For Welding / Cutting / Sealing Easy Take Ultrasonic High Power Generator For Welding / Cutting / Sealing

Easy Take Ultrasonic High Power Generator For Welding / Cutting / Sealing

Place of Origin China
Brand Name RPS-SONIC
Certification CE
Model Number RPS-2000
Minimum Order Quantity 1set
Price negotiation
Packaging Details FOAM AND CARTON
Delivery Time 3DAYS
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability 200 SETS PER MONTH
Product Description
Product Details
Frequency 15K~60K Power 300W~3000W
Type Digital Generator Size 120*120*380
Name Ultrasonic Power Generator Voltage AC220V 50HZ/60HZ.
Frequency Range +_1 Frequency
High Light

digital ultrasonic generator


ultrasonic frequency generator

Product Description

Ultrasonic Generator For Ultrasonic Welding, Cutting, And Sealing




Min size:120*120*380


Easy Take Ultrasonic High Power Generator For Welding / Cutting / Sealing 0


Ultrasonic welding is a cost-effective assembly method when joining nonferrous materials, such as aluminum, brass, copper and nickel. “The advantages for ultrasonic welding appear for high thermally conductive materials, such as aluminum, copper and magnesium, which can be troublesome to weld for resistance welders and lasers,” says Graff. “Ultrasonics is also very useful for joining a thin material to a thick material. If minimal disturbance of material properties due to heat is a requirement, ultrasonics is often the best welding process.

“Issues of cost-effectiveness tend to come down to being able to make a given weld or not being able to, or having to go through extensive materials and part redesign,” adds Graff.

Wire attachment is a common application for ultrasonic welding. It is a popular alternative to mechanical crimping, which raises reliability issues.

“Ultrasonic welding is very cost-effective for wire splicing applications,” claims DiFinizio. “The machine cost is very low and the tooling is available at low prices due to high volume manufacturing of standard spare parts.

“Often, the price of an ultrasonic welder can be justified by the removal of another process such as a tinning station or by the removal of fasteners or clips. For instance, an ultrasonic tube sealer can reduce labor by at least one worker and eliminate stress injuries due to crimping and brazing methods.”

In some applications, ultrasonics may be the only economical alternative. For instance, in many cases, aluminum parts cannot be joined by resistance welding or soldering. According to Graff, “aluminum is very weldable ultrasonically, whereas it proves challenging to several conventional welding processes.”

This digital generator is available in frequencies of 15kHz, 20Khz, 28Khz,30 kHz,  35 kHz and 40Khz at a power range between 300 W and 3000 W. Programmable ramp up and ramp down times and infinitely variable adjustment of weld amplitudes are only some of the features of this product line. The biggest advantage of this generator is the wide frenquncy range, for example: the 20Khz generator, it can catch the frequency from 18~21khz, so it is easy to tuning. Also it is easy for some ultrasonic new user.


The main task of the generator is to transmit power to the transducer in such a way that the transducer is Universal Ultrasonic Generator for Welding most elcient at transforming electrical power into mechanical vibration power. Output waveform of ultrasonic generator is sinusoidal and output frequency of particular generator is variable in narrow range. Narrow frequency band and sinusoidal output voltage allow the use of a resonant converter . Such a solution eliminates commutation losses in power switching transistor, hence has better elciency compared to other converter designs. This approach was used to design ultrasonic generator presented in this article. The unit can deliver to the load up to 2000W of continuous power in 20 kHz version. Other frequency variants of the device such as 30 kHz and 36 kHz were also developed.




Min out size, easy take.

Digital generator, can tracking the frequency itself.

Work stable, high power output.

Touch screen Optional,easy operate.

Applied widely in welding, cutting,& sonochemistry.


Frequency Power Rated work current
30KHZ 800W 4 A
1200W 6 A
35KHZ 800W 4 A
1200W 6 A
15KHZ 1500W 8A
3000W 15A
20KHZ 1500W 8A
3000W 15A



Application Suitable      


Sealing  Available
Sewing Available
Cutting Available

Available , but not the best, If open the equipment when the horn in the liquid , it can catch the frequency well, it is better tracking the frequency without any loading.


Metal welding  Available , but not the best. Metal welding always in high loading , it is better use a generator with well ventilation.
Atomization Available


The maximum allowable equipment environment

Available environment temperature: -20C° to 40°C, work over temperature may cause in abnormal operation of the equipment and safety accidents.

Available air humidity: less than 70%. Excessive air humidity may cause Short circuit of the internal electronic components.

Maximum electromagnetic interference intensity: less than 120E. Larger than 120E will cause seriously interfere and damage the equipment.

Power requirements

The power input standard is: single-phase AC220V 50HZ/60HZ.

Input power supply voltage fluctuation range: <10%.

Input power supply harmonic content: <20%.

Input power supply current: 10A.

Input power cord diameter: >1.5MM2.





                                 Easy Take Ultrasonic High Power Generator For Welding / Cutting / Sealing 1


Easy Take Ultrasonic High Power Generator For Welding / Cutting / Sealing 2



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