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9Kg Ultrasonic Power Supply Digital Integrated Circuits For Welding Machine 9Kg Ultrasonic Power Supply Digital Integrated Circuits For Welding Machine
9Kg Ultrasonic Power Supply Digital Integrated Circuits For Welding Machine 9Kg Ultrasonic Power Supply Digital Integrated Circuits For Welding Machine

9Kg Ultrasonic Power Supply Digital Integrated Circuits For Welding Machine

Place of Origin China
Brand Name RPS-SONIC
Certification CE
Model Number RPS-2000
Minimum Order Quantity 1set
Price negotiation
Packaging Details FOAM AND CARTON
Delivery Time 3DAYS
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability 200 SETS PER MONTH
Product Description
Product Details
Frequency 15K~60K Power 300W~3200W
Type Digital Generator Size 180*380*380
Weight 9Kg Screen Touch Screen
High Light

ultrasonic high power generator


ultrasonic frequency generator

Product Description

Digital integrated circuits ultrasonic high power generator for welding machine




Ultrasonic welding is the process of bonding elements using ultrasonic acoustic
vibrations delivered locally to bonded elements held together under pressure. It is most commonly used for joining plastic elements, but it can also be used to join thin metal foils and non-woven fabrics. Joining and cutting of elements can be accomplished in a single process. Ultrasonic technology utilizing similar devices as ultrasonic welding can also be used to process liquids, i.e. mixing paints, or purifying waste water.

Ultrasonic welding has great advantages over other joining techniques. Firstly, it is a very fast process. A single joint can be created in under 1 second. It also does not require additional substances like glue. The joint is formed by locally melting bonded materials. This results in reduced costs, and increased throughput of the technology. Due to these advantages, ultrasonic welding and cutting is becoming more and more popular in industry . Typical ultrasonic welding machines have output power of up to 6 kW, and operate at frequency ranges of 20 kHz to 70 kHz. To efficiently realize new, more complicated, technologies, a new type of ultrasonic welding generator with output power of at least 5 kW, and precise control of output parameters is required. Such technologies include large area welding (sonotrode area above 100 cm2), metal foils welding, copper cable bonding, and ultrasonic processing of liquids.


Ultrasonic generators made by RPS-SONIC sets new standards in terms of efficiency and operational safety. Its sophisticated functional concept involving a computer-based high-speed control system adjusts performance to suite every load. This generator can of course be controlled via computer interfaces such as Profi Bus Ethernet . Our ingenious engineers have developed a series of generators that meet the most exacting demands.

When it comes to special applications, digital signal processing in these multiprocessor-controlled ultrasonic generators provides a wide range of new functions.




  • Power range from 200 W to 6,000 W

  • Frequency range from 20 kHz to 60 kHz

  • Automatic frequency regulation

  • Maximum amplitude consistency

  • Quick-responding overload safeguard

  • Compact design, either modular version or switchgear cabinet version

  • All versions available with microcontroller and display

  • Certified compliant with UL guidelines




  • High stability: All-digital integrated circuits, use of US imports of high-performance processors interference, while reducing the number of components, simplify the hardware structure, thereby improving the reliability of the system.

  • Automatic frequency tracking: Digital frequency synthesis technology combined with digital phase-locked loop frequency tracking of complex control technology, can eliminate the temperature, static load, machining area, tool wear and other factors drift disadvantages of conventional analog regulator insurmountable, conducive parameter adjustment, easy modification by software, easily adjust the control scheme and achieve a variety of new control strategies.

  • Strong output: The use of IGBT power modules plus his excited oscillation circuit structure, the output power is more than 1.5 times that of conventional self-excited circuit.

  • Amplitude stepless adjustment: Amplitude can instantly increase or decrease in the adjustment process, also can be micro adjusted, can effectively prevent the perfect size pieces of plastic welding, effectively reducing wear shock, burns and so on. Defective amplitude setting range of 10% to 100%.

  • Intelligent three protection and fault alarm: Die-current protection, frequency offset protection, total output is too large to protect. Equipment failure, the generator will stop working, and make the appropriate cause of the malfunction prompts until technician troubleshooting.

  • Intelligent closed-loop amplitude control technology to achieve the amplitude adjustment, independent of input supply voltage and load fluctuations affect the amplitude of the output remains constant.

  • Two kinds of welding mode switch back and forth, so that a higher precision welding, soldering and better results.


The application scope of ultrasonic welding machine:



Widely applied to aviation, ships, cars, electronics, packaging, toys, electronics, YiXie, packaging, auto parts, fishing gear, textile and other industries. Is widely used in industries, such as disposable transfusion plasma separation filter and cup wheel, valve bag, plastic JiuPingGai, dishwasher, plastic toys, car lights, plastic false bait, the charger shell and mobile phone sling welding, a lighter shell welding, etc. Welding, such as: car door auto meter welding, headlights, car mirror, sun visor, interior parts welding, welding filter welding, reflective material, reflective spike, welding, welding bumper welding, welding, motorcycles lasso plastic filter welding, radiator, brake fluid tank welding, welding oil cup welding duct tank, water tank welding, ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic welding, tail gas purifier, water filter plate ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic welding, tray welding table electric meter, ultrasonic welding, communication equipment, cordless electric welding words, mobile phone accessories welding, following welding, battery shell, charger welding, U disk, SD card welding, CF card, USB connectors welding welding, bluetooth, folder, album, welding, welding folding box, PP hollow plate welding, the cap welding, welding ink cartridges, drum welding, welding, watches, kitchen utensils and appliances, welding, oral liquid bottle cap welding, intravenous drip cap welding, mobile phone accessories, soft brush gold welding, daily necessities, welding, health supplies, welding, plastic welding, welding, air mattress hangers welding, welding hilt, gardening supplies, welding, welding, kitchen ware shower welding, welding, shower head anti-fake bottle cap welding, cosmetics bottle cap welding, coffee pot, welding, welding, air dehumidification machine washing machine, electric iron welding, electric kettle, vacuum welding, welding speaker civil grille metal surface welding, welding, etc






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