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28Khz High Amplitude Ultrasonic Spot Welding For Automotive Interior Panel 28Khz High Amplitude Ultrasonic Spot Welding For Automotive Interior Panel
28Khz High Amplitude Ultrasonic Spot Welding For Automotive Interior Panel 28Khz High Amplitude Ultrasonic Spot Welding For Automotive Interior Panel

28Khz High Amplitude Ultrasonic Spot Welding For Automotive Interior Panel

Place of OriginChina
Model NumberRPS-W28-600
Minimum Order Quantity1SET
Packaging DetailsFOAM AND CARTON
Delivery Time3DYAS
Payment TermsT/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability200 SET PER MONTH
Product Description
Product Details
Name Ultrasonic Welding Gun Frequency 28Khz
Power 60800W Install Type Hand-hold
Generator Digital Weight 2.5Kg
High Light

ultrasonic hand welder


ultrasonic welding gun

Product Description

28Khz high amplitude ultrasonic spot welder for automotive interior panel

The automotive interior panel ultrasonic spot welder
It is used to connect parts made of different materials, to make the connection between thermosetting plastics and hot-melt plastic parts, or to connect plastic parts to metal; it is to use the inherent plastic studs and ribs on the molded parts. The wing and the vertical rib are correspondingly pressed through the pre-formed hole on the stamped metal plate structure, and the protruding part of the metal surface (the hot pile) is softened by the controlled hot melt, and then the special metal forming rivet is pressed and cooled to be reshaped. Clamping, using a specific shape of the rivet head can realize the riveting of the plastic rivet column (flush riveting), hemispherical riveting, arc-flanging riveting, vertical rib rivet riveting, mechanical forging, hemming inlay coating, etc. The material of the material is mechanically riveted and assembled together. The joint is not easy to be embrittled, beautiful, firm and sealed, so that the optimal design of the structure can be realized, and the best combination of mechanical properties of various materials can be fully utilized to greatly improve The overall component performance, the overall structure is impact resistant, thus achieving the perfect fit.
The use of this principle is: automotive interior parts welding machine, trunk interior panel welding machine, automotive interior panel riveting machine, car door panel hot-melt riveting machine, car bumper welding machine


The automotive interior panel ultrasonic spot welding machine welding advantages
The interior panel spot welding machine adopts the most advanced plastic hot riveting technology. The special riveting head can realize the flush riveting, hemispherical riveting, countersunk riveting (head riveting), arc flange riveting and ribbing of the plastic stud. Riveting, folding and inlaying, etc., make point contact with the machined workpiece, optimize the design with a new concept, rive the assembly of plastic parts with metal parts or other non-weldable materials. The riveting surface has good finish and fast forming speed. Not easy to crack, embrittlement, beautiful, firm, reduce production process, reduce material consumption, greatly improve product quality, reliability and production efficiency, effectively extend service life, with advanced technology, reasonable structure, no vibration, no noise , non-polluting, high processing quality, etc., widely used in aerospace military, electronic appliances, instrumentation, micro-switch valves, auto parts, household appliances, hardware and other industries to produce and assemble, to ensure high performance and low cost, even in In the extremely harsh natural environment and severe vibration, it can still be used safely, stably and reliably for a long time.

Application fields:

Widely used in the Automotive Industry, Electronic Industry, Medical Industry, Household Appliances, Woven Apparel, Office Supplies, Packaging Industry, and Toy Industry And So On. Such As Plastic Body Parts, Car Doors, Car Dashboard, Lights, Mirrors, Sun Visor, Interior Parts, Filters, Reflective Material, Reflective Spike, Bumper, Cable, Motorcycle Plastic Filter, Radiator , Tanks, Pallet Plates. Plastic Electronics: Prepaid Water Meters, Communications Equipment, Atheism Phone, Mobile Phone Accessories, Cell Phone Case, Battery Case, Charger, Maintenance Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Batteries, 3-Inch Floppy Disk, U Disk, SD Card, USB Connectors, Toys, Stationery: Folder, Album, Folding Boxes, PP Hollow Board, Pen Loops, Ink Cartridges, Toner Cartridges. Medical Daily: Watches, Kitchen Utensils, Oral Liquid Bottle, Drip Caps, Mobile Phone Accessories, Gold Soft Brush, Daily Necessities, Health Supplies, Children's Products, Air Mattresses, Clothes Hangers, Tool Holder, Coffee Pot, Cover And Civil Speaker Grille Metal Surface.




Consumer products, automotive components, medical devices and most all industries use ultrasonic plastic welding. Metal inserts may be secured in plastic and dissimilar materials can often be bonded with proper tooling design. ToolTex specializes in toepad welding applications and has worked on several automotive applications. 

Even the simplest, timer based ultrasonic press is capable of reasonable precision, and stepping up to energy based units, linear encoded or servo driven presses greatly enhance highly repeatable assembly with tolerances of less than one one-thousandth (0.001″) of an inch.


Ideal for Fixing Of Fancy Articles and Fixing Of Parts on Revolving Chairs and Other Furniture Replacing Therein Screws. Ultrasonic Hand Gun is also manufactured by us. Give Better Bonding Strength. Minimize The Cost As Screws Are No More Needed Resulting In Regular/Daily Savings. Suitable And Practically Successful Model in Furniture Industry is: 20 KHz Frequency System.



  • Easy to use
  • Modern technology
  • High performance level
  • Pistol type & straight staple type guns available
  • Easy grip guns available with less diameter
  • High quality connectors used to lessen loose connections
  • Available in two frequencies :
  • 28khz & 35khz



Item 20 28 35 40
Frequency 20Khz 28khz 35khz 40khz
Power 800w 600w 500w 300w
Horn tip diameter 12mm 10mm 8mm 8mm
Horn material Aluminum alloy&Steel & Titanium alloy
Generator Digital generator


Areas of use:

Automotive industry

Prototype/trials work

Conveyor belt repair

Re-work for automation

Fabric repairs and joining

Blister packs

Vac forming- component retaining

Equipment is mobile

28Khz High Amplitude Ultrasonic Spot Welding For Automotive Interior Panel 0




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