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20Khz U Shaped Pipe Ultrasonic Dispersion Equipment With U Shaped Pipe 20Khz U Shaped Pipe Ultrasonic Dispersion Equipment With U Shaped Pipe
20Khz U Shaped Pipe Ultrasonic Dispersion Equipment With U Shaped Pipe 20Khz U Shaped Pipe Ultrasonic Dispersion Equipment With U Shaped Pipe

20Khz U Shaped Pipe Ultrasonic Dispersion Equipment With U Shaped Pipe

Place of OriginChina
Model NumberRPS-C30-50
Minimum Order Quantity1set
Packaging Detailswooden box
Product Description
Product Details
Reactor Type Stailess Steel U Shape Pipe Horn Material Titanium
Frequency 20Khz Capacity 50L
Function Graphene Dispersion,pigment Dispersion Ultrasonic Cavitation Intensity 3.0-4.5(w/cm²)
High Light

Titanium Horn Ultrasonic Dispersion Equipment


U Shaped Pipe Dispersion Equipment


20Khz Ultrasonic Liquid Processor

Product Description

Stainless Steel U Shaped Pipe Ultrasonic Graphene Dispersion Equipment 50L

Ultrasonic Graphene Dispersion Machine 50L Stainless Steel U Shaped Pipe Improve Efficiency Up To 200 Times

Product Descripiton:


The power of ultrasonic affects the efficiency of stripping graphite oxide into graphene oxide and the transverse size of graphene oxide. The higher the power is, the higher the efficiency is. Compared with the way of ultrasonic grinding, that is, direct action stripping, ultrasonic cleaning, that is, indirect action stripping, has less damage to the transverse size of graphite oxide, and can obtain graphene oxide with larger transverse size.

Graphene nanobelts were prepared from single-walled carbon nanotubes by gas-phase oxidation and ultrasonic pyrolysis. The morphology and structure of the prepared graphene nanobelts were analyzed by transmission electron microscopy (TEM), atomic force microscopy (AFM) and Raman spectroscopy (Raman). The results show that the width of graphene nanobelts prepared by Hannover instrument ultrasonic processor is narrow, the edge is smooth, and compared with the rigid single-walled carbon nanotubes, they have good flexibility. The thickness of about 2 nm also indicates the double-layer structure of graphene nanobelts. In the process of gas phase oxidation and ultrasonic pyrolysis, the ratio of D peak to G peak in Raman spectrum is always about 0.15, which indicates that no new defects are introduced in the whole preparation process.

Compared with other methods, the nanobelts prepared by RPS-SONIC ultrasonic processor have the advantages of high crystallinity, narrow width and smooth edge


Ultrasonic-assisted liquid phase exfoliation greatly improves the efficiency of graphene extraction.The application of ultrasonic equipment in the preparation of graphene is mainly in the volumetric thermal layer method and the redox method. These two methods are simpler to operate and cost less than other preparation methods. Due to the cavitation in the liquid, the micro-jet, vibration and other phenomena are formed.

On the microscopic level, the suspended particles in the liquid act as a high-speed stirring, dispersing, breaking and separating.

20Khz U Shaped Pipe Ultrasonic Dispersion Equipment With U Shaped Pipe 0


1. Reliable for heavy duty sonication processes

2. 24*7 hours continuous operation

3. Industrial grade

4. Colored touch display

5. PLC remote control

6. Automatic Frequency tuning

Type RPS-C30-10 RPS-C30-50 RPS-C30-300
Input voltage 380V/220V±10V 50Hz
Working frequency 20KHz
Processing capacity 10-30L 50L 300L

Ultrasonic cavitation intensity


Ultrasonic probe material Titanium alloy
Reactor material 304/316 stainless steel
Cooling method Cold water cycle
Reactor type U-shaped pipe U-shaped pipe Tank
Remote control customized

20Khz U Shaped Pipe Ultrasonic Dispersion Equipment With U Shaped Pipe 1

1) Intelligent control technology, stable ultrasonic energy output,stable work for 24 hours per day.
2) Automatic frequency tracking mode, ultrasonic transducer working frequency real-time tracking.
3) Multiple protection mechanisms to extend service life to more than 5 years.
4) Energy focus design, high output density, improve efficiency to 200 times in the suitable area.

5) Support static or cyclic working mode .





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