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Aluminum Melt Ultrasonic Welding Tool 20Khz 1500w Temperature Resistance Aluminum Melt Ultrasonic Welding Tool 20Khz 1500w Temperature Resistance
Aluminum Melt Ultrasonic Welding Tool 20Khz 1500w Temperature Resistance Aluminum Melt Ultrasonic Welding Tool 20Khz 1500w Temperature Resistance
Aluminum Melt Ultrasonic Welding Tool 20Khz 1500w Temperature Resistance Aluminum Melt Ultrasonic Welding Tool 20Khz 1500w Temperature Resistance

Aluminum Melt Ultrasonic Welding Tool 20Khz 1500w Temperature Resistance

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Rps-sonic
Certification CE
Model Number RPS-MA20
Minimum Order Quantity 1pcs
Price negotiable
Packaging Details CARTON
Delivery Time 1DAYS
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 200PCS/MONTH
Product Description
Product Details
Frequency 20Khz Power 1500w
Generator Digital Weight 25kg
Input Voltage 220V/50Hz Ambient Temperature Room Temperature
System Protection High Temperature Protection, Over Current Protection Follow Frequency Method Automic
High Light

Temperature Resistance Ultrasonic Welding Tool


Aluminum Melt Ultrasonic Welding Tool

Product Description

High Temperature Resistance Ultrasonic Welding Tool Aluminum Melt 20Khz 1500w

20Khz 1500w High temperature resistance Ultrasonic metal aluminum melt equipment





Item Parameter
Frequency 20KHZ
Power 1500W
Weight 30kg
Horn material High strengthTitanium alloy
Protective shell 304 stainless steel




Ultrasound is a compressed longitudinal wave, which can effectively propagate in gas, liquid, solid, solid melt and other media, and has strong penetrability. Ultrasonic waves can transmit strong energy when propagating in liquid media, can produce strong impact and cavitation on the interface, and, like sound waves, can produce reflection, interference, superposition and resonance. Under the condition of the same amplitude, the intensity of ultrasonic waves is much greater than ordinary sound waves. It has been used in the metallurgical industry and has achieved certain results in industrial applications.

Ultrasonic metal melt equipment is mainly used in the metallurgical industry. Under ultrasonic vibration conditions, it is conducive to the degassing of the metal solution, the removal of impurities, the refinement of grains, and the strengthening of the leaching process. Ultrasonic metal melt equipment is used in molten metal, which can realize the composite of fiber and metal in a very short time, and prepare high-performance composite materials. Under the action of ultrasound, the liquid metal can penetrate into the particle preform or evenly mix with the particles. Ultrasonic dip plating can realize the galvanizing and aluminizing of the steel wire.


Main effect


Remove impurities

It is very difficult for the tiny inclusions in molten steel to float up, and only when they gather will it make it easier to float up. Use ultrasonic metal melt equipment to add ultrasonic waves to the solution. The ultrasonic standing wave can successfully stratify and agglomerate the inclusions and powders in the solution.

Ultrasonic degassing

Ultrasound has a great effect on removing gas from molten metal, and ultrasonic elastic vibration can completely degas the alloy within a few minutes. When ultrasonic vibration is introduced into molten metal, it is found that cavitation occurs. This is because the continuity of the liquid phase is broken and a cavity is generated, so the gas dissolved in the liquid metal is concentrated in it. The elastic vibration of the ultrasonic wave promotes the generation of the bubble core and makes it grow continuously until it grows to a size that can be smoothly discharged from the molten metal.

Improve the quality of billets

Ultrasonic metal solution equipment can act on the mold to improve the surface quality of the cast slab. Ultrasonic vibration of the mold can be used for billets, blooms and slabs, and there is no need for negative sliding when ultrasonic vibration is used. When casting billets and blooms, a very smooth surface of the cast slab can be obtained after ultrasonic vibration is applied to the mold.

Grain refinement

When the casting is produced by the ultrasonic vibration solidification method, the ultrasonic wave will produce positive and negative alternating sound pressure when propagating, forming a jet. At the same time, due to the nonlinear effect, it will produce acoustic and micro-acoustic flow, and ultrasonic cavitation will produce at the interface of solid and liquid. High-speed microjet. The cavitation effect in the ultrasonic liquid can cut off and destroy the dendrites, impact the solidification front, and increase the stirring and diffusion effect, which can achieve the effects of purifying the structure, refining the grains, and making the structure uniform. In addition to the mechanical action caused by vibration to destroy dendrites, another important role of ultrasonic vibration solidification is to increase the effective undercooling of the molten metal, reduce the critical nucleus radius, thereby increase the nucleation rate and refine the crystal grains. .




High temperature resistance: the highest temperature is 1300℃.
Corrosion resistance: Use high-strength titanium alloy tool heads.
The effect is remarkable: the effect is direct and obvious with the interaction of micro-molecules.
Easy to install: through standard flange butt installation, no need to change the customer's existing production equipment and process flow.


High Temperature Resistance Ultrasonic Welding Tool Aluminum Melt 20Khz 1500w 0


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