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800W Digital Generator 35khz Ultrasonic Welding Horn 800W Digital Generator 35khz Ultrasonic Welding Horn
800W Digital Generator 35khz Ultrasonic Welding Horn 800W Digital Generator 35khz Ultrasonic Welding Horn
800W Digital Generator 35khz Ultrasonic Welding Horn 800W Digital Generator 35khz Ultrasonic Welding Horn

800W Digital Generator 35khz Ultrasonic Welding Horn

Place of Origin China
Brand Name RPS-SONIC
Certification CE
Model Number RPS-S35
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Price negotiable
Packaging Details CARTON
Delivery Time 5 WORK DAYS
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 100SET/,YEAR
Product Description
Product Details
Frequency 35Khz Power 800W
Generator Digital Generator Suitable Apply Ultrasonic Fabric Sealing Equipment
Horn Al Horn Suitable Material Fabric, Nonwoven
High Light

Ultrasonic fabric sealing equipment horn


Ultrasonic sealing horn

Product Description

35khz Ultrasonic welding horn For Ultrasonic fabric sealing equipment



Ultrasonic products offer clean, consistent and fast processing for joining and cutting nonwoven materials. From quilting mattress pads and sewing disposable health care apparels to slitting and bonding hygiene products we have designed and delivered a solution for all major film and fabric applications. We can accommodate your specific needs to design and build the optimal solution for your material thicknesses and widths, feed rates and material handling requirements. Our technical experts are just a phone call away to answer questions on issues such as: continuous operation and importance of proper cooling; premature tool wear and the benefits of carbide and titanium; material handling logistics, coordination and flow; automation, control and monitoring requirements; required throughput and maximum quality feed rates. Our Fabric & Film Technical Center offers a complete range of services: applications engineering, tooling design, systems integration, service and support, and training. Most important, the Tech Center is your resource for information gathering and experimentation on any of our fully operational ultrasonic machines.


Advantages of Ultrasonic Sealing

  • 30-80% narrower seals vs heat
  • Reduction of package headspace
  • Potential reduction in secondary packaging
Reduce Maintenance
  • Reduce contamination of sealing tools
  • Reduce changeover time
  • Eliminate tool cooling time
Reduce Energy
  • Even temperature distribution
  • Sealing times between 80 and 200 ms
  • Short cycle times
  • Estimated ROI from 6 months to 2 years


Item parameter
Frequency 35Khz

800W in max

Generator digital generator
Voltage 220-240V 50/60 Hz
Horn material  Aluminum alloy

Medical plasctic tube, cosmetic plastic tube

Toothpaste tube

Welding material Fabric, nonwoven


Principles of Operation
Every ultrasonic unit contains the following five elements:
1. A POWER SUPPLY which takes line power at 50 or 60 cycles and changes it to high ultrasonic frequency at 20,000 cycles per second or even higher.
2. A CONVERTER which contains piezoelectric crystals which change the incoming high frequency electrical signal to mechanical vibration.
3. A BOOSTER which transmits the vibration energy and serves to increase its amplitude in much the same way as volume control on a radio.
4. A HORN which delivers the vibration energy to the plastic film or fabric to be worked on.
5. AN ANVIL or backup part which supports the work piece and, in the case of textiles, takes the form of a pattern wheel or non-rotating cutter wheel depending on the application.
The ultrasonic vibration is transmitted from the horn to the material. developing frictional heat where they touch. This momentary heat fuses the edges of the fabric. If double plies are present, the plies join together. Where a cutting edge is used on the anvil, the fabric is cut through and the edges sealed at the same time.



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Our comprehensive range of ultrasonic products includes welding equipment, liquid processors, cutting equipment, sealing equipment, spray nozzles, power supplies, and more, catering to diverse application needs.
Ultrasonic Welding Equipment

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