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Branson CJ -20 Ultrasonic Welding Converter (101-135-059) Replacement Branson CJ -20 Ultrasonic Welding Converter (101-135-059) Replacement
Branson CJ -20 Ultrasonic Welding Converter (101-135-059) Replacement Branson CJ -20 Ultrasonic Welding Converter (101-135-059) Replacement

Branson CJ -20 Ultrasonic Welding Converter (101-135-059) Replacement

Place of OriginChina
Model NumberRPS-B20K
Minimum Order Quantity5 sets
Packaging DetailsFoam+Carton
Delivery Time2days
Payment TermsT/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability200 Sets/month
Product Description
Product Details
Frequency 19.5~20.2Khz Diameter 50mm
Ceramic Chips 4chips CA 20000~22000PF
Machine Branson 2000, 2000X Series Power 2600W
High Light

high frequency ultrasonic transducer


ultrasonic piezoelectric transducer

Product Description


Branson CJ-20 converter (101-135-059) replacement used in all 20KHz 2000, 2000X series





This ultrasonic welding transducer replace for Branson CJ20 ultrasonic transducer and applied in all 20KHz 2000, 2000X and DCX series IW, actuator and assembly stand systems that delivers rugged quality and superior value.  The main factor determining the quality of the transducer is the assembly process and the quality of the ceramic chips. Our company uses the best quality ceramics chips  made in China, and our company has more than ten years of experience in assembling transducers, and the assembly technology is exquisite. We can customize the transducer according to the customer's size requirements, or we can design a new transducer for you. Each transducer undergoes procedures such as FEM analysis, frequency calculation, and old testing. Also, if you have way to measurement your transducer, you can send us your sample to customize the transducer.

For ultrasonic welding transducer replace for branson /dukane /rinco, we also have second  branson /dukane /rinco machine in our comapny , to run the finshed transducer for testing . Suck like : Branson 2000, Branson 2000X, Branson 900 series, Branson 8000.43A240 DUKANE ULTRASONIC WELDER, Dukane 2220 Model Ultrasonic Welding machine, Herrmann CNC Ultrasonic Welding Machine.

We already do OEM service for some famous ultrasonic brand in USA and Europe.

  • Specifications:

Item Parameter
Frequency 19.4~19.8Khz
Power 2600W
Impedance 12
Capatance 19000~21000pf



Advanced know how in.

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  • Poreless, high-density piezoceramics
  • Mechanically very strong and stable.
  • High mechanical quality factor
  • Excellent electro-acoustic conversion efficiency
  • Minimal thermal dissipation and power losses
  • High output amplitudes

 We offer the same warranty as the OEM, namely, one years one-time replacement. No need send the broken transducer back, we will send you new transducer directly. If the old transducer not broken, only matching problem, we will arrange the shippment exchange transducer, and our shipping agent can collect cargo any city wordwhile.


Branson CJ -20 Ultrasonic Welding Converter (101-135-059) Replacement 0




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