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CE Earloop Medical Mask Ultrasonic Welder CE Earloop Medical Mask Ultrasonic Welder
CE Earloop Medical Mask Ultrasonic Welder CE Earloop Medical Mask Ultrasonic Welder

CE Earloop Medical Mask Ultrasonic Welder

Place of Origin China
Brand Name RPS-SONIC
Certification CE
Model Number RPS-2000
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Packaging Details CARTON450*270*200MM
Delivery Time 3 work days after payment
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability 100
Product Description
Product Details
High Light

ultrasonic earloop medical mask welder


ultrasonic face mask welder

Product Description

 2000W 20KHZ Ultrasonic welding or slice For earloop Welding of medical mask





  • The transducer part :

    *With best PZT8 in China

  • *The impedance of the transducer is less than 8 and the impedance of the transducer and welding horn is less than 40.

  • *5times test for ultrasonic check

  • *3hours Temperature rise detection

  • *To confirm all your transducer with horn no matching problem.


Item Parameter
Frequency 20KHZ
Power 2000W
Horn size 110*20 OR 150*35mm
Horn material Steel or Aluminum
weight 14.5kg


Generator part .


                           CE Earloop Medical Mask Ultrasonic Welder 0


Intelligent fan control: When the temperature is low, the fan starts following the ultrasonic output. If there is no ultrasonic output within 30 seconds, the fan stops to prevent inhalation of excessive dust and improve the reliability of the device.When the high temperature exceeds 45 ° C, the fan will continue to work to cool down.When the temperature exceeds 80 ° C, the device will provide over-temperature protection and prompt on the screen.Power limitation: In order to be able to work continuously around 2000W, the actual power protection threshold of the generator is 2400W,Our universal ultrasonic generator is particularly suitable for continues applications such as cutting and non-woven welding. The built-in circuit provides a purer sine wave drive transducer than most generators on the market, making the heat generation less and efficiency higher. Reduce heat dissipation requirements and extend life.Working mode: automatic mode: continues mode, suitable for cleaning / cutting / non-woven welding, etc. For ultrasonic mask slicer , we introduce and suggest the auto model with continues welding only.




1. Auto-tuning frequency: the basic feature of ultrasonic system, the accuracy of frequency is directly related to the normal use of the equipment
2. Digital amplitude setting: amplitude 20%~100% adjustable, digital adjustment ensures the unity of each start.
3. Soft start: in order to run ultrasonic system perfectly, the user should choose an appropriate soft start time according to the mold feature to reduce the impact of the generator had on the transducer. For the mold that is hard to start, please try to adjust the start speed of the mold.
4. Automatic frequency search: to search the frequency of the device based on low amplitude (about 10%), so that the device has a good start frequency while in normal operation.
5. Welding time adjustable: 2000 series ultrasonic generator built-in time counter has a precision of 10ms, user can adjust this parameter per his needs, which ensures the unity of each welding.



CE Earloop Medical Mask Ultrasonic Welder 1



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