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20 Khz Full Wave Slotted Ultrasonic Horn For Ultrasonic Rubber Cutting 20 Khz Full Wave Slotted Ultrasonic Horn For Ultrasonic Rubber Cutting
20 Khz Full Wave Slotted Ultrasonic Horn For Ultrasonic Rubber Cutting 20 Khz Full Wave Slotted Ultrasonic Horn For Ultrasonic Rubber Cutting

20 Khz Full Wave Slotted Ultrasonic Horn For Ultrasonic Rubber Cutting

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name RPS-SONIC
Certification CE
Model Number RPS-C40
Minimum Order Quantity 1SET
Price negotiation
Packaging Details FOAM AND CARTON
Delivery Time 3DAYS
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, PAYPAL
Supply Ability 500 SETS PER MONTH
Product Description
Product Details
Name Ultrasonic Cutting Horn Frequency 20Khz
Power 1000w Type Pencil Type, Metal Housing
Horn Titanium Housing Metal Housing
High Light

ultrasonic cutting machine


portable ultrasonic cutter

Product Description


20Khz ultrasonic full wave slotted cutting horn for ultrasonic rubber cutting


Ultrasonic cheese cutting utilizes a knife vibrating at a high frequency, which produces a nearly frictionless surface, thus preventing cheese from deforming or sticking to the knife. RPS-SONIC Design & Manufacturing has the technology to satisfy your ultrasonic cheese cutting needs.Our ultrasonic cutting blades, ultrasonic knifes, ultrasonic horns or sonotrodes are increasingly used in the food industry within food processing machines either for ultrasonic cutting, ultrasonic slicing, ultrasonic portioning or ultrasonic dicing food such as : cheese slicing, pastry cutting, cake portioning, pie slicing, servings cutting , deli portioning, meat cutting, bacon slicing or even frozen food cutting.


Our titanium sonotrodes can be either of corner type, half wavelength or full wavelength, and because we design and manufacture them by ourself, they are of best quality and economical at the same time.


Because of our extended experience with any kind of ultrasonic blade, generator and booster, We are used to deal with all kinds of them, so we are available to help you throughout the process of choosing the right blade (knife, horn or sonotrode) to replace your previous one within your own slicing machine, and get a full compatibility with your own equipment.





With the latest ultrasonic cutting technology, we can provide our customers solutions to cleaner, consistent cutting and a wide range of cutting temperatures and products. All machines are sanitary in design for the food industry and are wash down safe


RPS-SONIC manufactures a wide range of ultrasonic horns including:

  • Application Specific Horns
  • Composite Horns
  • Contoured Horns
  • Full Wave Horns
  • Vacuum Horns
  • Nodal-Mounted Horns
  • Carbide & Hard Coated Horns
  • Ultrasonic Cutting Horns



• High cutting accuracy, no deformation of the compound
• High speed, high efficiency, no pollution
• Cutting surface finish is good, good bonding performance
• Easy to use in automated production


Machine Ultrasonic rubber/cake Cutter
Frequency(KHz) 20KHz/20Khz
Power 1000 W
Cutting Blade / Horn Titanium
Voltage(V) 220V
The width of blade depend on your requirement
Cutting thickness 10~20mm(depend on materials)
Horn amplitude 10-40μm
Equipment weight 2KG


RPS-SONIC manufactures ultrasonic horns from different raw materials based upon acoustical and mechanical properties and your specific application needs. Titanium, aluminum, CPM and tool steel are the materials used to make ultrasonic horns. The material selected for your horn is based upon what works best for your application and your programs requirements. Titanium provides excellent tensile strength and is a good choice for high gain applications, but is an expensive choice because the material is costly and takes significantly more time to machine. Titanium material is often used for standard ultrasonic circular horns in sizes up to 3.5” inches in diameter and for standard rectangular sizes up to 2.5 x 10 inches. The size of your part to be ultrasonically welded will play a role in the type of horn material to be used for your application. Large titanium ultrasonic horns can be costly to make and the titanium material can be difficult to acquire when the part size is too large. However, large rectangular block horns can be manufactured in titanium and can be useful for applications that warrant the use of titanium, regardless of the cost. We’ve made large rectangular block carbide coated titanium horns for ultrasonic cutting and for this type of application; titanium was the only material of choice, regardless of the cost.

Aerospace aluminum materials provide outstanding acoustical properties for ultrasonic horns, but are insufficient for some applications due to wear concerns created by the application or the gain required to weld the part. Some difficult to weld plastic materials require high amplitude to weld and for this reason titanium may be the best horn material for this type of application. However, for many applications the use of aluminum for manufacturing ultrasonic horns is very practical and very cost effective. Aluminum and titanium ultrasonic horns can be coated to extend tool life and improve wear resistance. This is beneficial when ultrasonically welding glass or mineral filled plastics. Tool steel ultrasonic horns are usually made for metal insertion applications, but this horn material can also be useful for low gain applications where high tool wear is probable.








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