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20k 305mm Ultrasonic Cutting Equipment For Sticky Maize 20k 305mm Ultrasonic Cutting Equipment For Sticky Maize
20k 305mm Ultrasonic Cutting Equipment For Sticky Maize 20k 305mm Ultrasonic Cutting Equipment For Sticky Maize
20k 305mm Ultrasonic Cutting Equipment For Sticky Maize 20k 305mm Ultrasonic Cutting Equipment For Sticky Maize

20k 305mm Ultrasonic Cutting Equipment For Sticky Maize

Place of Origin China
Brand Name RPS-SONIC
Certification CE
Model Number RPS-C30
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Price Negotiation
Packaging Details CARTON
Delivery Time 3 work days after payment
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union,PayPal
Supply Ability 100sets
Product Description
Product Details
Frequency 20Khz Power 800W
Material Titanium Application Sticky Maize
High Light

20k ultrasonic cutting equipment


305mm ultrasonic cutting equipment


ultrasonic sticky maize cutter

Product Description


20Khz 305mm Titanium Blade Ultrasonic Food Cutting Machine For Sticky Maize




Every ultrasonic food cutting system is comprised of the following components:


1. An ultrasonic generator (power supply)


The ultrasonic generator converts the 110VAC or 220VAC electrical supply current into a high frequency, high voltage electrical signal.


2. An ultrasonic converter (transducer)


The ultrasonic converter utilizes the high frequency electrical signal from the generator and converts it into linear, mechanical movement. This conversion occurs through the use of piezo-electric ceramic disks that expand when a voltage is applied. The converters used for food cutting systems are specifically designed to be completely sealed for operation in wash-down environments and incorporate air in and out ports for cooling.


3. An ultrasonic booster


The ultrasonic booster is a tuned component that mechanically adjusts the amount of linear vibratory movement from the converter to the required level for the specific application to produce optimal cutting performance. The booster also provides a safe, non-vibrating location to clamp onto the cutting tools. Boosters used in food cutting systems should be a one-piece, solid titanium design for maximum cutting accuracy and repeatability. In addition, the single piece design allows for a thorough wash-down, unlike multi-piece ultrasonic boosters that can harbour bacteria.


4.An ultrasonic cutting horn/sonotrode

The ultrasonic cutting horn is a custom made tool that is engineered to vibrate at a specific frequency. These tools are painstakingly designed using computer modelling technology for optimum performance and longevity. Ultrasonic tools must be tuned to match the frequency of the system. This tuning procedure requires consideration of the horn’s mass, length and geometry. Titanium is the material of choice for ultrasonic tools because of its resonance and fatigue resistance properties. Titanium is also compatible with the sanitary requirements of the food processing industry. Due to the high stresses inherent in the thin blade geometries required of ultrasonic cutting horns, manufacturing should be done using a wire EDM technique and subsequent stress relieving process in order to maximize the life of the tools.


5.A material handling system

Automated machinery is required for the proper positioning and movement of the food products and ultrasonic tools. Automation is critical in achieving the correct location, direction and rate of cut. Typically, these handling systems utilize servo drive mechanisms for precise control of speeds and positions of the food products and/or cutting tools.



Frequency 20Khz
Power 800W
Input AC110-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Controller stepping or continuous
Length of the blade 305mm
Material Of Cutting Head stainless steel, titanium alloy, alloy steel.
Machine Wight 15~18KGS
Accessories foot switch, additional blade
Cooling Device compressed air mouth can be installed.
Cable Length 3M or customized
Foot Switch available

The difference between traditional cutting and ultrasonic cutting:
Ultrasonic cutting machine is the use of wave energy for cutting equipment, the main t feature is not to use the traditional edge.
The traditional cutting utilizes a tool with a sharp edge to press the cutting material. The pressure is concentrated at the edge of the blade, the pressure is very large, more than the shear strength of the cutting material , then the material is cut open. As the material is cut by a strong pressure, so the cutting tool edge should be very sharp and the material itself has to bear the relatively large pressure. Therefore the cutting effect for the soft, flexible material is not good, especially more difficult for sticky material.


Bakery and snack foods,
Candy and confectionery cheese/Fish/Prepared meat/Vegetable/Health Bars;
Chocolates, sandwich and wrap cutting;
Dry fruit;
Processed meat;
Ground meat;

Competitive Advantages:

1. Non-stick knife, the cut is smooth and tidy, will not deform the burnt
2. Use ultrasonic technology to reduce the debris generated by food during cutting, thus reducing downtime cleaning time and increasing production efficiency
3. The food is continuously cut, and the food does not need to stop during the cutting process.
4. Imported titanium alloy blade for durability
5. Ideal for cutting fragile, sticky, layered foods
6. Can be used on existing food processing and packaging equipment.


Shipping and payment:

Shipping: DHL,TNT,FEDEX,UPS Express etc.
Payment: Pay by T/T,Paypal,West Union, customers can choose which payments ways that you accept.

ultrasonic food cuttingultrasonic food cutting

20k 305mm Ultrasonic Cutting Equipment For Sticky Maize 2

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